Video interviews on equality, diversity and inclusion in working life



In the EDIFY EDU project, we conducted video interviews related to EDI themes to get an overview of existing good practices and development areas. These interviews are not just useful examples but also important when building a training programme for managers.

Experiences from the interviews in Finland
In Finland, as well as in all EDIDY EDU project countries, we did five interviews. We looked for different views, such as wage equality, wage transparency and wage awareness, equal parenthood, equality and diversity in recruiting and anonymous recruiting. Interviews also offer information on training as well as useful material and research on EDI themes. Legislation, regulation and segregation were also covered in the interviews.
The five interviews accumulated almost two hours of video footage. The challenge was to crystallise the essential for wide use. As a result, we have five videos each with a duration of about 3 minutes. The release will take place on the channels of the EDIFY EDU project in April.
In Finland we warmly thank the following organisations for participating in these interviews
– Wunder
– Futurice
– Netlight Consulting
– Trade Union Pro
– The Centre for Occupational Safety
Useful links
Wunder: Safe space principles
Futurice: The Inclusion Canvas by Futurice

The Centre for Occupational Safety: A handbook: Working together

Stay tuned for the publication of videos
All the videos from the partner countries will be published on EDIFY EDU channels during this spring. Follow the project website and LinkedIn

The Finnish Team
AALTO Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR), founded in 1999, is an academic and multidisciplinary research center at the Aalto University School of Business.

CKIR’s main research focus is on innovation ecosystems, ICT enabled service platforms and thus enabled new business dynamics. CKIR conducts its research with international network of firms, universities, cities and public agencies like the European Commission.
TIEKE Information Society Development Centre was founded in 1981. The theme areas of TIEKE´s activities are digital ability, data economy, digital financial management and sustainability. Our core mission is to develop the digital competence of each person and organisation so they can grasp the boundless opportunities brought by digitalisation.

The writer of the article
Merja Sjöblom
Project manager, Accelerator of Digital Skills