The MOOC – available on the project platform from December 2023 – has a duration of 6-8 weeks and is open to students from all over the world selected among the 2 target groups (HE/VET students + managers/professionals) of the project.

The MOOC aims to ensure:

  • A learning path based on the results obtained with the beginning research phase, reflecting the specifying learning needs and selecting relevant modules(EQF5) that should function as a common ground of EDI skills and competences as well as a selection of transversal modules completing the profile of the new manager – whereas the more specialised modules are delivered throughout the Specialisation Courses addressed at HE students (EQF 6);
  • An a high number of participants: professionals and actual managers as well as Business & Management students involved;
  • Constantly and effectively monitor advancement of the learning path, make improvements and get feedback useful for the overall evaluation of the MOOC, through specific assessment tools and data collection framework.