EDIFY Curriculum Outline

During the first year of the EDIFY-EDU project, partners have carried out intensive and multidimensional research on training needs which led to the publication of separate national reports and a final compared report at the EU level (https://www.edifyeduproject.eu/outputs/eu-report/).
Based on the collected insights, project partners proceeded with the design of the EDIFY Curriculum Outline with the following objectives:

  • Translate the skill needs highlighted in the report (WP2) into an innovative, learning outcome-oriented modular training curriculum, structured on 3 levels: MOOC, Specialisation courses and Work-Based Learning.
  • After identifying the module units and the related competences, all partners exploit their knowledge and expertise to describe the associated learning outcomes, instructional means and assessment techniques.
  • Ensure that the curriculum contains an adequate number of competences that directly map to EntreComp (entrepreneurial component) and LifeComp, in order to support the matching of the skills and competences to be developed according to the needs of a more equal, diverse and inclusive job market.