ACHAIA CHAMBER’s DEVELOPMENT ENTITY was established in 2018, as the Development Entity of the Chamber of Achaia (based in Patras, Western Greece). According to its statitute, ACHADE’s only partner is the Chamber of Achaia to whom provides support services for the implementation and preparation of European programs that can benefit CoA’s members. ACHADE’s scope is lying mainly to the European/National Projects implementation, to the support of development actions and all kinds of business activities as well as to the promotion of business innovation and extroversion. Manned with 7 highly experienced experts on European/ National projects management, coming from different scientific background (Electronic engineering, Economics & finance, Business Administration, Cultural Informatics, International & European studies), ACHADE has managed on behalf of CoA as partner or Lead Beneficiary, more than 10 transnational projects, during the last 2 years. Moreover, using the great network of supporters, partners and associations of CoA (such as EUROCHAMBERS, FORUM AIC, ASCAME etc.) ACHADE has created a very strong profile on projects related to the local/regional/national development. Officialy, as an autonomus entity is a new comer in European projects as has not participated in any other project as a budgeted entity.

Address: 58, Michalakopoulou str, GR-26221, Patras, Greece