Talent Garden is the largest European network dedicated to digital and technology professionals. Our tech community has more than 4,500 members, 3,800 students, 110 Corporate Partners (SMEs: 7%, Startups: 69% Freelance: 18% Corporate: 6%) and 1,200 children trained in coding and robotics. Our Mission is to create campuses to grow digital and tech talents and connect them globally. We are convinced that innovation occurs when passionate people with different skills meet. Open 24 hours a day, our coworking spaces are designed to provide digital and tech professionals with a foundation to grow their businesses. Campuses are equipped with workstations, offices, meeting rooms, laboratories, event spaces, fablabs, cafes, and much more. We started the first coworking space in 2011 in Brescia and today we are present in 8 European countries with 18 campuses and our team has more than 150 employees across the continent. We don’t stop at this; Talent Garden aims to sustain and support the culture of innovation in Europe through the inclusion and dissemination of knowledge. We do this through the Innovation School, which offers Masters and courses dedicated to digital technologies and the skills of the future. The training offered focuses mainly on five key areas: coding, data, marketing, design, and business. We apply innovative methodologies and experiment with new approaches to fight the Digital Divide and spread an inclusive and digital culture across the continent. We believe that collaborating with key companies from different sectors in Europe is essential to innovate. These strategic partnerships aim to support our community and provide open innovation and training programs to companies. We work every day with our Partners to support digital transformation and innovation processes within corporate. Connecting our community of tech startups, corporates, students and digital innovators with the local and international ecosystem is at the heart of our business. To do this we collaborate with the most interesting universities in our country such as the Politecnico di Milano, Luiss, Sapienza, and many others. The partnership with Singularity University in Southern Europe also supports this mission by organizing summits to encourage collaboration between companies and startups. We also organize and host hundreds of in-house events each year, including meetups, hackathons, conferences, and so much more.

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